Spirulina benefits:

Help to develop healthy babies
Ordinary food lacks lysine, threonine and methionine which are found high content in spirulina. Spirulina helps develop healthy babies, and is especially helpful to those not mother-milk-feeding babies. Sufficient trace minerals prevent babies from deficiency of iron, calcium, and zinc. Spirulina is the highest source of Vitamin B and B complex which makes it a super nutritional supplement for the monophagia children.
Maintain high energy for the adults 
Vitamin B12 in spirulina is three times more than that of in animal’s liver. Vitamin B is essential for healthy nerves. Science study shows that spirulina is two times stronger in anti-anoxia and anti-fatigue than ginseng.
Help to delay senility for the elderly 
Spirulina has multiple anti-aging substances: beta carotene, Vitamin E, GLA, superoxide dismutase (SOD), etc. On the one hand, these substances via anti-oxidant effectively prevent human cells from aging by removing free radicals. One the other hand, these substances help prevent people from gonad degeneration, hyperglycemia, and arteriosclerosis so that senility is slowed down.
Enhance human immune system 
Polysaccharide in spirulina is a natural broad spectrum booster for human immune system. It enhances human immune system by improving the productivity of marrow cells, functions of thymus and spleen, facilitating the systemization of serum protein. Phycocyanina and allophycocyanin make great contribution to human immune system improvement by increasing white blood cells in human body.
Restrain malignant tumors 
Cancer stems from damaged cells by increasing free radicals in the body. Beta carotene is the active substance capable to effectively restrain free radicals, and it is the main resource for Vitamin A as well. Spirulina beta carotene is ten times more concentrated than carrots. It is widely recognized in the medical science world that spirulina polysaccharide and phycocyanin have positive effects on cancer and tumor treatment. Clinical studies show spirulina has a 54% of restraint rate upon ascetic type of hepatitis cancer cells. Spirulina also has notable effect in recovering organ damages caused by chemical and radiation treatment.
Cure hepatitis diseases 
Spirulina provides patients with high content of protein and vitamins so as to improve symptoms. GLA in spirulina is protective to human liver.
Prevent cardio-vascular diseases 
Spirulina is very rich in chlorophyll, serine, Sylvie and Vitamin B6 which help synthesize sink line, lower blood pressure, decrease blood glutinousness, and maintain softness of blood vessels. GLA in spirulina can reduce cholesterol content in the blood so as to prevent heart disease and stroke.


Packing: 25kg net, 2PVC bags inside, with carboard drum outside (Ø35cm*50cm)